Boys’ Park Outing

In McLean, VA

September 16 - 19, 2011



Part 1: Memphis to Arlington, VA

Part 3: Visit to McLean handicap Park

Part 2: Family Celebrate First Birthday

Part 4: Arlington, VA to Memphis


- Updated November 2, 2011


There are photographs of Casey and Caroline Nolan and their identical twin boys posted in various albums at There are also other family photos in various albums registered under Lewis “Buzz” Nolan’s email address. Email for instructions how to access the albums; please specify your family relationship or friendship for security reasons. 


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September 18, 2011 – Sunday – In Nolan’s’ Arlington home and nearby Park for children



Twin brothers Aiden and Carden Nolan play at the children’s park in McLean, VA


We arose at the Tysons Corners Marriott Hotel just after 8 a.m. Sunday. I ordered from room service a hefty club sandwich with a small bowl of potato salad and made do with a Diet Coke brought from Casey’s home plus a small banana for a pretty good breakfast.


Betty and I left the hotel to drive to Casey and Caroline’s home and ended up spending most of the morning watching their identical twin boys play with their new, birthday toys in the basement recreation room. We were joined by Caroline’s family including Ron Glass and his effervescent and always delightful wife, Caroline’s mother, JoAnn Cardon Glass and also by Nick and Estie Cohen of Virginia Beach and by Aaron DuCoffe, half-brother of Caroline and son of JoAnn’s former husband. Aaron was with his girlfriend, Elizabeth, who is a graduate student in art history at New York University.


Aaron is a third-year medical school student at Atlanta’s Emory University. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan.


Also present was Sadie Cohen, an 8-or-9-year-old charmer whose parents are Nick and Estie Cohen and who has a special affinity for the twin boys, especially Carden.


It was a pleasure being with (and now a part of through marriage) Caroline’s happy family. I enjoyed a light lunch of a turkey sandwich plus a grilled cheeseburger, chips and a large salad.


While most of Betty’s attention was devoted to our grandchildren – who obviously are well endowed with considerable intelligence from both sides of their families – I focused much attention to editing perhaps 35 pages of a new book about Boeing Co.’s growth and management written by my remarkable cousin and hero, Dr. Richard Lewis “Dick” Nolan.

He is the author of more than 20 textbooks used in colleges and elsewhere mainly dealing with Information Technology. He was a senior member of the Harvard Business School faculty and continues to hold an emeritus chair of that institution even though he was recruited to accept a new chair at his alma mater, the University of Washington that was endowed by Boeing in honor of a remarkable CEO who left the company after many successes.


His remarkably well-written and insightful book promises to be a best seller, me and others think because it goes far beyond the sometimes dry academic tomes produced by distinguished university professors. It goes into the nitty-gritty of corporate struggles against the status quo and produces both scholarship and a long view of what technology can bring to the world and its limitless potentials in the 21st Century.


As has become a welcome habit I’ve adopted since retiring several years ago, I napped for 45 minutes or so in the middle of the afternoon, using a spare bedroom upstairs in Casey’s nice house.


About 3 p.m., Betty got me up so I could join a family outing in three automobiles to a really nice park built near McLean, Va., because of the generosity of a family who put up the land and several hundred thousand dollars to make it accessible to handicapped children. The various pieces of playground equipment were specially made and virtually all the walking paths and play areas are made of a spongy rubber-like surface to provide some protection to any children who should fall.  It includes a mechanical merry-go-round and various slides, swings and apparatus children can climb.


A local family whose grandchildren were handicapped put up the front money for the park and playground named in their honor. Predictably, Betty took some great photos of the Nolan twins playing.


Later, Betty and I returned to our hotel and enjoyed a good dinner of apricot chicken and Italian salad at a nearby branch of the Olive Garden chain of restaurants. It turned out that JoAnn Glass stayed over another night, at her son-in-law’s and-daughter’s home since her husband, Ron, had to fly home to deal with business matters the next day.


Several of the women of the Carden family went shopping at some of the area’s great selection of upscale stores the same day.


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