Back to Virginia – 2011

Trip Home from Arlington to Memphis

June 3 –6, 2011


Part 1: Memphis to Arlington, VA

Part 3: Visit to McLean handicap Park

Part 2: Diaper swim lesson for boys

Part 4: Arlington, VA to Memphis


- Updated June 20, 2011


There are photographs of Casey and Caroline Nolan and their identical twin boys posted in various albums at www.kodakgallery.com. There are also other family photos in various albums registered under Lewis “Buzz” Nolan’s email address. Email lewis_nolan@yahoo.com for instructions how to access the albums; please specify your family relationship or friendship for security reasons. 


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June 6, 2011 –Monday – Trip home to Memphis


Caroline has been off on Mondays since she recently completed her parental leave time off from work to care for her identical twin sons, Carden Lewis Nolan and Aiden Mayer Nolan.


She works as an auditor for the Freddie Mac federal agency that helps provide financing for home mortgages.


Casey took part of today off from his normal work at Clark Realty Capital to take Betty and me to Reagan National Airport so we can catch the 5:05 p.m. flight home to Memphis on a Delta airplane.


I slept in until nearly 8 a.m. in a guest bedroom at Casey and Caroline’s very nice, two-story home in an older section of Arlington, VA. Thankfully, I had virtually no “must do” projects on my agenda for the day other than to get to the airport on time with Betty.


Leaving the day pretty much “wide open” was the notification to Caroline and Casey that their scheduled morning music class for their two boys had been cancelled due to the illness of the teacher’s young child. So Betty and I were delighted to have “free time” to spend much of the morning with our very precious grandchildren and their parents.


Casey picked up an Italian submarine sandwich for my lunch, which turned out to be delightful. Betty had earlier cooked me yet another of her terrific breakfasts of ham and eggs.


At 3 p.m., Casey drove Betty and me to the Reagan National Airport a few miles away. We had no problems with check-in and took off on time at 5:05 p.m. in the six-across seat configuration of the Delta jet.  I was a bit surprised that the flight was not full. We arrived in Memphis about 30 minutes early.

The efficiency in the Washington airport was a sharp contrast to the chaotic conditions in the Memphis airport baggage claim area. Our baggage was slow in getting to the pick-up area.
But we happened to spot some good friends, Heard and his wife, J. J. Murphy, waiting for their delayed luggage after a flight home from Los Angeles, where they had spent the weekend with some old friends living in the area.


Heard kindly offered us a ride home from the airport. We treated them to a good dinner of Mexican food at a restaurant we like, El Porton, a few blocks from our home that is close to the center of Memphis.


Our dinner and company of the Murphys was a delight and we enjoyed Margaritas and beer.

All in all, it was a nice completion to a wonderful visit with our son and his family in Virginia.


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