Gulf Revisited – 2011

Driving from Gulf Shores, to Pearl, MS

May 10 – 19, 2011



Part 1: Memphis to Trapp Farm

Part 6: So-So Golf for Birthday Boy

Part 2: Trapp Farm to Gulf Shores, AL

Part 7: Score of ‘59’ beats golfer’s age

Part 3: Golf Practice at Gulf State Park

Part 8: Upgrading Library Privileges

Part 4: Shopping at  Big Box stores

Part 9: Gulf Shores to Pearl, MS

Part 5: Condo Owners. Meeting

Part 10: Drive to home in Memphis


- Updated June 9, 2011


Several photos of the interior of our condo at Gulf Village, Ala., are posted on the website of our property manager, Kaiser Realty, which also has pix of the exterior of the complex as well as area beach shots. There are additional pix mainly taken by Betty Nolan during our trips to the area in recent years. They are posted at in various albums registered under Lewis “Buzz” Nolan’s email address. Email for instructions how to access the Kaiser pictures and also the Nolan pictures. 




May 18, 2011 – Wednesday – Drive from Gulf Shores, AL, to friend’s home in Pearl, MS


We arose in our Gulf Village beachfront condo at Gulf Shores, Ala., about 7:30 a.m. I had a quick breakfast of leftover pecan-fried chicken on bread and finished packing Betty’s Ford Focus station wagon. We pulled out of our complex about 9:30 a.m., and stopped by the town’s Library to return a book and to fill the car’s gas tank plus buy some gift flowers to give to our hostess we planned to see late in the day at her home in Pearl, Miss., near the Mississippi State Capitol of Jackson.


We drove north on Highway 59 to Robertsdale, Ala., where we made a customary stop to buy fresh farm produce – mainly bananas plus a case of special salad dressing we like - at Burris Farm Market.  We arrived at the modest but tasteful home of longtime friend SuAnne Turnage single family in Pearl, Miss., about 3 p.m. She had hidden a key to the locked front door and told college pal Betty of its location. So Betty was able to gain entry into her home so SuAnne could continue working in her office for the balance of the afternoon. Meanwhile, I napped in a guest room while Betty unloaded some of our trip gear.


Just before 5:30 p.m., SuAnne’s good friend Charles, who lives nearby, showed up at her home, as did her daughter, Katie, with two children. Katie’s visiting kids were year-old daughter Victoria and teenaged son, Christian. We had a nice conversation while Betty took candid photos of Victoria crawling around the carpeted floor. I checked my email and the day’s action in the stock market on SuAnne’s Dell computer that is nearly identical to my desktop Dell at home.


Shortly after SuAnne arrived home from work at a nearby hospital facility, her daughter and grandchildren departed for their home in the neighborhood and the remaining four of us departed in Charles’ new Kia auto for a relatively new Mexican restaurant a few miles away.


I enjoyed a bottle of Mexican beer while Betty sipped a good margarita on the rocks. We all ordered full dinners of varied, pretty good Mexican specialties served by natives of our neighboring country to the South. As tasty as expected, eating the enchiladas and tortilla chips and enjoying a second bottle of beer was a big change in my long-running, low-carb, reduced alcohol diet I’ve been on for some months. While I enjoyed our evening out with friends, I paid a big price with a mostly sleepless night later.


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