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This is the eighth annual edition of 3030 Update, the Internet Zine for alumni of Plough, Inc. and related companies who worked together at 3030 Jackson Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1980s and 1990s. Related companies and major consumer brand names with management there during that period include Schering-Plough, Schering-Plough Corporation, Schering-Plough Consumer Operations, Schering-Plough HealthCare Products, Maybelline, Coppertone, Tropical Blend, Dr. Scholl's, PAAS, St. Joseph, Di-Gel, Feen-a-mint, Correctol, Afrin, Gyne-Lotrimin, Drixoral, Clear Away and Mexsana.

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This site was updated Feb. 8, 2006 by Lewis Nolan of Memphis, Webmaster and Editor of 3030 Update.

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Sponsors of the 3030 Update newsletter underwrite the costs of newsletter publication and mailing to nearly 200 alumni. The sponsors for the 2006 edition are Don Anderson of Greensboro, Ga.; Cathy (Wills) Bolt of Columbia, S.C.; Richard Briscoe of Memphis; Richard and Melissa Faber of Memphis; Burt and Mary Hunter of Mendham, N.J.; Lee Jenkins of Wellington, Fla.; Jim Johnson of Memphis; Heard Murphy of Olive Branch, Miss.; Gerry Nobrega of Williamsburg, Va.; Gil Noble of Memphis; Bob Raub of Parrish, Fla.; Charles Saunders of Cleveland, Tenn.; Bob Schreiber of Homosassa, Fla.; Avron "Sonny" Spiro Jr. of Memphis; Jack Stewart of Memphis and Basking Ridge, N.J.; Melissa Twomey of Tampa, Fla.; Linn Weiss of Glenview, Ill.; Gary Wilkerson of Memphis; and Adrienne Zaitz of Germantown, Tenn.  For more information contact Lewis Nolan; e-mail address is lewis_nolan@yahoo.com.


About The Alumni

The following snippets of information are based on reports from persons generally considered to be reliable when sober. Partly due to the time gap between some events covered in 3030 Update and publication, there can be no guarantee of timeliness or absolute accuracy. The only promise editors can make is that this newsletter aims to celebrate the enduring bonds of friendship and fond memories of working together at a great company. Please send additions and corrections and information on the whereabouts and activities of alumni to Lewis Nolan for future publication.


Memphis Area –

John Addison and his wife enjoyed a cruise through the Panama Canal in early December. . . Bob Baldridge celebrated his 83rd birthday last February. He still  plays a mean round of golf and writes that he fishes at Pickwick Lake, and raises vegetables . . .Jeff Baranski’s supply chain management position was among those eliminated in 2005 so after 18 years at the Company Jeff is doing some consulting while examining some new career options. . .Don Blackard is planning to retire from  Shelby County government in 2006. He and his wife purchased a condo on the 8th fairway of Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club in Sarasota, FL in 2003 and they plan to divide their time between Memphis and Sarasota. . . Also in career transition in 2005 was Paul Boyd, who parted company with Technical Solutions, which he served as HR Director until the company was sold. . .Richard Briscoe was among those deeply touched by the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He lived in the Crescent City, attended public and private schools there and was a member of a children’s Mardi Gras Crewe until his family moved to Texas when he was 11. Richard and his wife opened their Memphis home to a half-dozen friends from New Orleans who were displaced by the hurricane. Meanwhile, Richard has taken on Trustee oversight responsibilities for the National Ornamental Metal Museum’s collection of artwork and related matters. . .Joe Brocato has followed a path trod by several alumni and moved to DeSoto County, Miss. . . .Terry Bronze is back at 3030 Jackson after working at the HCP plant in Cleveland, Tenn., for
Curtis Downs with family
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seven years. His new position is Manager of R&D Quality. . .Watty Brooks writes that she “got married Nov. 12th to my college sweetheart. We had a beautiful wedding and went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon. My husband, Chris Hall, is a tax attorney in Knoxville, where he is a partner with the firm Long, Ragsdale and Walters. He loves practicing law in East Tennessee. I will keep my home in Memphis as well as my shop in the Square in Collierville and will commute between Memphis and Knoxville. . .Walt Chambliss reports that Ole Miss, which he serves as Director of Technology Management, has received $20 million to plan and develop a research park under his direction on campus. He is working with 16

companies that have expressed interest in locating there. A number of Ole Miss faculty members have started or are developing businesses already and Walt is looking for “management talent with life or physical science backgrounds to serve as advisors, interim CEO’s, CFOs, etc.” . . .John Clayton pushed his retirement back from March to August, 2005 at the request of the Company. Three months after his big sendoff in the Company cafeteria, he wrote, “Retirement life so far is WONDERFUL!”  I have truly had a much easier transition than I ever imagined and have been extremely busy, but without the stress! Having commuted between New Jersey and Memphis for 15 years (virtually weekly the last 5 years), I have not yet become interested in travel. However, Doris and I have been to NYC for a Broadway play and made a pilgrimage to St. Paul, MN for a live “A Prairie Home Companion” broadcast. In my first three months of this phase of life, I have focused on enjoying our mountain home (in East Tennessee) appreciating God’s creation, happily moved one daughter from Chicago to Nashville and committed to become involved in some fun consulting projects beginning in May. I have begun to re-engage in some volunteer activities. In sum, I couldn’t be happier!” . . .HCP Sales had yet another restructuring in 2005, resulting in Bernie Cullins, Bob Starks and others departing the Company in late 2005. . . June Davidson was recruited to part-time work on behalf by St. George Day School, which he served as headmaster before joining the Company many years ago. He is contacting some of his former students as part of the school’s capital fund-raising campaign. June, his wife and their gardening activities and advice were prominently featured in the Home & Garden section of The Commercial Appeal last April. June, past president of the Memphis Horticultural Society, and wife Punk are both certified Master Gardeners. The couple was among the Master Gardener volunteers who spruced up the grounds at the National Ornamental Metal Museum in early fall. . Amy Doville spent part of early 2005 recovering from back surgery. Curtis Downs and his thriving company, Strategic Resource Management Inc., is now
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serving 80 clients in 30 states, providing consulting and strategic counsel from Curtis and his 13 employees on cost-cutting, profit improvement and other services. Curtis handed off day-to-day management of the company to his son, Brad, who was named president January 1, 2006. Curtis retains the CEO and chairman titles and will focus on increasing shareholder value. His strategy includes opening an office in New York this year to accelerate SRM’s expansion in the Northeast. His work requires lots of travel but allows him to play on distant golf courses, including Spanish Wells in Naples, FL, where he shot in the 70s. Curtis and his wife purchased a condo at Oxford, MS, within walking distance of the football stadium where his beloved Ole Miss Rebels play and The Grove where the faithful alumni gather for elegant picnics on game days.  . . Russ Elliot and his wife have been doing volunteer mentoring and tutoring twice weekly to help children enrolled in the Memphis Grizzlies Academy. After being at it for a year, Russ reflects that working with youngsters from poverty backgrounds yields “much satisfaction with a healthy measure of frustration.” The couple visited Dave Collins and other friends in the New Jersey-New York area. . . Trim and fit Melissa Faber competed in the Memphis in May Triathlon at Orgill Park in Millington, Tenn., finishing a strong 40th in her age group in excellent time of 3 hours and 5 minutes. The race consists of a 1.5-kilometer swim, a 40-kilometer bike ride and a closing, 10-kilometer run. Husband Richard Faber constructed an elaborate tree house in the family’s backyard that could be the envy of many a professional carpenter. . .William Germann was elected President of P.E.R.K. (the Plough Employees Retirement Klub), which meets monthly for lunch in the Virginia Worthington Meeting Room, the Company’s private dining room at 3030 Jackson named in honor of the longtime P.E.R.K leader and loyal employee/retiree. Virginia was told, “PERK is your baby, and we love you.” The new president succeeded outgoing President Lucius Williams. Other new officers are Sue Hall, Vice President; June Smith, Secretary; Dottie Scott, Corresponding Secretary; and Mary Jewel Watson, Treasurer. . .David Halpern was appointed Chief Ranger for the City of Germantown, TN by Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy, a former part-timer in Employee Communications. David is responsible for the town’s Park Ranger Division, which consists of six full time Rangers plus 15 volunteer Park Ambassadors, who serve 26 parks. David, who was elected to the Board of Directors of the Wolf River Conservancy, is also responsible for the exhibit and programming content of Germantown’s Nature Center. Wife Pat Halpern and several other former Maybelliners have parted company with financially struggling Caboodles Cosmetics. . .Jim Harwood was elected to the Birmingham-based board of Region’s Bank following the multi-state banking organization’s acquisition of Union Planters Corporation of Memphis. Jim also serves on the Board of Trustees of Christian Brothers University in Memphis, where he headed up a 12-member search committee for a new president. . .Tom Hunt has relocated back to Memphis from New Jersey and joined the Memphis office of CB Richard Ellis, a real estate management company. He is managing several warehouse properties owned by one of the company’s clients. One of the newest tenants is Schering-Plough, which leased 156,000 square feet of distribution center space in the Hickory Hill area of
Gina Kamler's Tyler
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southeast Shelby County. Tom reported he is enjoying the transition from a two-hour commute in NJ to a 15-minute commute in Memphis. . .
Walker Hutchison continues to play tennis weekly at Leftwich Tennis Center in Audubon Park with a regular foursome that includes former CA columnist Bill Thomas. . . Gina Kamler and her family moved to a new home in Germantown that includes a swimming pool and elevated, brick rose beds. She has a new position in the marketing/communications department at Smith Nephew, where she supervises a three-person staff. . .David Kelley has been kicking butt, barbequed pork butt that is. One of the original members of the now-defunct Ol’ Hawg’s Breath BBQ Team, David later joined the Pig Stars BBQ team in 2001. He produced a custom music and dialog CD that helped the team win the Miss Piggy Contest in 2002 and place in the top four in both 2001 and 2003. The contest is one of the crowd favorites of the Memphis in May International Barbeque Cooking Contest. David and 20 other members of the Pig Stars switched teams in 2004. With the help of David’s music and production creativity of other new members, the Ad Ribbers won the Miss Piggy Contest in both 2004 and 2005. The team won a huge trophy, $2,000 and bragging rights. The team’s cooking efforts were less spectacular, finishing No. 51 in the Ribs Category. David’s offer a while back of $2,000 to purchase the Ol’ Hawg’s Breath rig was not accepted by the company, which supposedly moved the 50,000-pound cooker to Cleveland, Tenn. . ..Don Levine writes that he had “a very busy summer. In May, his son graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and in August started law school in Houston. In June, Don celebrated his daughter’s wedding to a nice,

young lawyer from Dallas (yes, there is such a thing). In September, Don was elected Chair, Basic Science Section, Academy of Pharmaceutical Research and Science, American Pharmacists Association (AphA). . .Jean McKee reports that “my favorite pastime is spending time with my four grandchildren, who are now more company than care. Playing bridge and reading continue to be important to me. I have taken a Board job with Church Women United.” . . Harvey Middleton is again playing golf and enjoying chasing after his grandchildren (and getting cute photos of them published in The CA) after recovering from surgery. . .Carole Millsap has learned firsthand why NASCAR has become such a crowd-drawing sport. She has attended a number of major races to oversee FedEx’s advertising and support of NASCAR, which includes sponsorship of a racecar and a hospitality suite at the Daytona event. Making it easy for Carole and other VIP guests is the special treatment NASCAR extends its sponsors and their special customers. . .Heard Murphy writes that “after a year of adjusting to a new home (just south of Memphis in Desoto County, Miss.) and new community, we have several trips planned for 2006 – a combination of visiting friends and relatives and enjoying some fun vacation spots alone.” . . Lewis Nolan’s maiden screenplay, “Blood,” was a finalist in a national competition. His movie script is an action-thriller set in downtown Memphis that swirls around the murders of homeless people and snatching of their organs for resale. The script has drawn nothing but yawns from Hollywood production companies. “This is my first attempt at writing fiction, although I must say some of the speeches I wrote for our executives to deliver at sales meetings came awfully close to it,” the former newspaperman joked. . .Mike Pietrangelo put together an investment group to acquire the Theraplex line of skin conditioners, an OTC brand with limited distribution that is highly regarded in the dermatology community due to its patented, superior formulation. It was formerly marketed by Medicis, a Phoenix-based pharmaceutical company Mike serves as a Director. Mike has established a Theraplex product distribution facility in Memphis but intends to continue to draw upon third-party manufacturing. Among those working with Mike is former Plough consultant Bob Kaplan, M.D. . . .Cliff Plunk has owned and operated for 15 years an insurance agency doing business as Farmers Insurance Group – Germantown and counts several 3030 alumni among his customers. He and his wife lead a small group ministry at Hope Presbyterian Church and he regularly has lunch with Ron Pierotti, formerly of Sales and later Marketing. . .Nancy (Mitchell) Russell became a grandmother in November with the birth of Nicholas Clayton Russell to one of her sons, Eric. Nancy and her stepson, Tony Mitchell, drove across the country together from the West Coast upon his return to the U.S. after a demanding tour of duty in Iraq. Tony served as an Army Humvee machine gunner and was awarded a Purple Heart and other medals after being wounded by shrapnel that killed his unit’s staff sergeant. More than a dozen 3030 alumni contributed toward a hefty “care package” Nancy sent to Tony, which he shared with his comrades. . .Ann Sandberg was one of the organizers of an insurgent group, Midsouth Democrats in Action, who organized a successful campaign to reform the Shelby County Democratic Party by infusing new
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blood into the leadership and fairer practices into party operations. She was a delegate to the local convention, attended several Shelby County Election Commission meetings on behalf of her grass roots coalition and wrote several letters to the editor that were published in local newspapers. . .Peggy Scobey, U.S. Ambassador to Syria, is the daughter of the late
Jim Scobey, Plough Sales Office Manager in the 1960s and 1970s. The connection was noted in February by Jim’s longtime friend Dave Wells, who said Jim is remembered by many as “an outstanding father and an employee who was one of Plough’s best.” Jim’s son, Jim Scobey Jr., was a good friend and fraternity brother of Tom Hunt at UT. Tom said young Jim later worked in Sales and Marketing with Kraft Foods and later J&J. . . Greer Simonton has been heading the marketing committee of the National Ornamental Metal Museum, where he serves on the Board of Trustees. The certified antiques and artwork appraiser writes a monthly column for the CA and is always on the lookout for column ideas. . .Sonny Spiro enjoyed a BBQ lunch with longtime pals Russ Elliot and Lewis Nolan. Later, with his usual good humor Sonny cracked that despite assorted health and injury matters they and other alumni are dealing with, “we’re still vertical – let’s stay that way in ’06.” . . Jack Stewart and his wife, Jackie, continue to divide their time between homes in Germantown and Basking Ridge, NJ, where their children and grandchildren live. The Stewarts took steps in mid-2005 to regain their official Tennessee citizenship, with new drivers’ licenses and voteregistrations. Jackie writes that Jack has “become enthusiastic about regional bridge tournaments. Early next year we hope to play in Scranton and Hot Springs. It looks as though our lives continue along the same path of family participation and bridge, bridge and more bridge.”. .Judy Waldon and her husband continue to stay positive while maintaining as good a quality of life as they possible can while dealing with serious health issues. Judy attended her 50th high school reunion in New England, where she visited family and old friends. She writes “Charlie and I are doing well. He spends time in his flower gardens and I spend my time playing bridge. We cook together and eat TOO WELL. Our adopted Ukrainian grand daughter has won our hearts.” . .  Janice Walker is primary care giver for her grandchild and continues to work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. . .LGW’s board of commissioners voted Jan. 19, 2006 to approve the hiring of Army Ward as Vice
Bob Raub with family
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President of Human Resources, at $147,014 a year. The CA also reported that vote is subject to approval by the Memphis City Council, which has been heavily criticizing the utility's management for the high salaries paid executives. Army has been living in Chicago, where he worked in HR for several years before relocating to St. Paul, Minnesota, where he became HR VP for an insurance company. . .Dave Wells
and his wife continue to play excellent golf on top courses across the country. In November, they vacationed in southern Arizona a few miles from the border of Mexico, in the golf resorts of Rio Rico and Tubac. Dave shot a 75 and Nancy an 89 at the Robert Trent Jones course where the PGA Tour held its Q School qualification tournament a few days previously. Nancy shot her best ever score of 76 during the Germantown Ladies Tournament in May. Dave shot a 76 the same day, possibly setting a club record for husband and wife for the same day. . .Carolyn Wilhite has a new home in Millington. She writes that she had “retired in 1996 from the R&D Library and from time-to-time attended the P.E.R.K. luncheons and visited on the 6th Floor. In September, Martha Hurst told me that Don Levine was looking for temps for the Consumer Relations Department. I was working part-time at Wal-Mart and began as a temp in October 2003, entering consumer complaints. Then in August 2004, I was offered full-time employment. After working 7 days a week for 16 months between the two jobs, I turned in notice September 15 at Wal-Mart. I’m now working with a great bunch of folks and am enjoying my career change at Schering-Plough.” . . Gary Wilkerson joined the NYSE-listed, Memphis-based Mueller Industries, Inc., as General Counsel in late 2005. Mueller, the largest industrial user of copper in the world, moved its corporate headquarters and executive offices from Michigan to offices adjacent to the PGA’s Southwind Golf Course to be closer to the company’s manufacturing plants near Tupelo. The low-key company sells nearly $1 billion in tubing and fitting products made of copper and other metals used in plumbing and fixtures. . .Jenny Yeates was one of four interior designers given “blank canvas” by a Memphis developer to show off his vacant apartments in a newly renovated building downtown. Each of the designers furnished a unit to suit a different demographic. Jenny’s design was targeted toward a young couple with a baby and included a brown sofa to hide stains. The show models were used for a fund-raiser benefiting the Greater Memphis Arts Council and were featured in The CA in November.


Alumni Reports From Outside Memphis –


Don Anderson writes after seven years of
Steve & Diane Gilbert's kids
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lakeside living 30 miles south of Roanoke, VA, he and his wife sold their home at Smith Mountain Lake and relocated their primary residence to Reynolds Plantation, a golf course community about 90 miles east of Atlanta. They also have a home in Panama City Beach, FL. Their daughter, her husband and their grandchildren live in Atlanta. “Not only do we see the family much more frequently since the move, but we get to see professional sports – the Atlanta Braves and Falcons. We also enjoy traveling. Last fall we took a two-week trip to Italy and visited all the big USA national parks. We scheduled two European river trips for 2005, one to see the tulips in The Netherlands and one to cruise on the Blue Danube from Budapest to Prague. I have been consulting with Medicis Corp. (where
Mike Pietrangelo serves on the board) for the last seven years. This activity involves about 30 days a year, just enough to keep me out of trouble but not enough to be a burden in retirement.” . . Former Maybelliner Nick Andrus and his business partner run an advertising agency in Chicago, The Drucker Group. He was Director of Marketing for eye cosmetics, reporting to Chris Berry, whose market research firm, Accudata, provides focus group services to Drucker. Chris, whose company has primary offices in Orlando and a branch in Memphis, has been devoting much of his time to the care and cell replacement treatment of wife Tessa’s serious illness at a Tampa hospital and clinic. He said, “we are very optimistic that the treatment is being successful and that we look forward to many more years of good health, fun and happiness together and with our friends.” The couple spent Thanksgiving in Nashville for the christening of their two, new grandchildren. . . Gene Camerik writes from Plantation, FL, that Hurricane Wilma “stripped much of the canopy off the city and there was considerable damage. Our abode stood up quite well although we lost several roof tiles and were told by the insurance adjuster that we needed a new roof. The problem is that there will likely be no tiles available until November 2006, and the hurricane wizards predict that we’re early into a 20-year weather pattern that will see more and more powerful hurricanes heading our way. At any rate, we remain optimistic that we’ll still be around to report on our progress for the 2007 edition of 3030 Update.” Gene and his wife have been living in South Florida for 16 years after leaving Lake-Spiro-Shurman/Plough Advertising.” . .Fellow Floridian David Brittain says he recently learned from an old friend that the Maybelline plant in North Little Rock is “all French now.” The plant was part of the purchase of the former S-P division by L’Oreal, a cosmetics giant based in France that has repositioned the brand as “Maybelline New York,” where a small marketing staff is now based. David said he plays tennis at a yacht club near his home in Sarasota and no longer uses his two remaining boats, still maintained for occasional use by his visiting children and their families. Always a car buff, David does enjoy driving his 350z Nissan sports car and also has a Lincoln Town Car, a Honda motor scooter and a Segway sidewalk surfer. His second great-grandchild was born in January. . . Rich Carlson and wife
Bill Gwinn, family at Ruby Falls Cavern
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Jane, who live in Osprey, FL, volunteered their services to help the tens of thousands of residents of New Orleans and other coastal residents who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Jane, a registered nurse, was put to work in Mobile and later Monroeville, Ala., setting up a relief center for the Red Cross. Her help in securing care and food for desperate people provided much satisfaction but also some frustration. Rich spent a few days marking time in Montgomery, Ala., but soon returned home after being given little to do and seeing first-hand the disorganization and woefully ineffective, bureaucratic management that triggered widespread criticism of government disaster planning and relief at all levels. Rich said, “Many good works are being done despite the apparent weakness in the system . and I would not want to discourage others.  Further, I still hope that a lot of this is just a reflection of the enormity of this event rather than the ineptness of the system. Let’s just pray that we don’t have to find out through the occurrence of another disaster.” Rich volunteers a couple of days a week to help build affordable housing for Habitat for Humanity in Sarasota and also does volunteer work for Florida Guardian Ad Litern program. And he still finds time to maintain an Internet Blog containing commentary on events and public figures in Sarasota and the larger world. It is at http:sarasotablogger.typepad.com/richs_Sarasota_blog. . .
Dave Collins continues to divide his time between his primary residence at Incline Village, Nev., near Lake Tahoe and second homes in Manhattan and Vermont. He teaches a class in business ethics at the Vermont Law School and recently started teaching one at Dartmouth University’s College of Business on corporate social responsibility. The curriculum is based on Dave’s personal experiences plus his reading of Plato, Adam Smith and the New York Times. He and wife Judy plan to ski in Steamboat and also Vail in the Rocky Mountains this winter. . .Kirby Farrington and his family are living in Indianapolis, where he is Senior Research Advisor – Sterility Assurance for Eli Lilly. He frequently visits Lilly plants in Europe. Kirby and his wife planned to visit the Caribbean in 2005 and also cruise the British Isles, starting with Ireland, where Kirby teaches courses. The couple earlier enjoyed cruises to Alaska and Hawaii. . .Steve Gilbert and his family plan to leave Sweden in June, when his contract is completed with Stockholm-based SCA, a consumer products company. Steve is looking for some new opportunities in an English-speaking country. Wife Diane writes, “Sweden has been great, but it would be nice to have our mail, taxes, etc. in a language we truly understand. Having spent nearly three years here, we are much more culturally ‘intelligent’ and have grown as individuals and as a family and have a much better understanding of the world around us. However, we also have a much greater love and appreciation for the U.S. It is the greatest country in the world – believe it!” . . .Bill Gwinn writes from Brentwood, Tenn., where he is Director of Clinical Trial Solutions at Medstat, that he combined business and pleasure with a trip to Washington, DC. He spoke at a trade conference and found time to enjoy the sights of the nation’s capital with his family; their favorite was the International Spy Museum. The Gwinns also visited popular attractions in Atlanta and Chattanooga. Bill had the sad duty of selling his father’s home in Memphis following his dad’s death in April. Bill is writing a monthly column about disease patterns for an industry newsletter. . .Former SP corporate speechwriter Paula Hagen is retired and living in West Orange, NJ, ironically in the same apartment building as the daughter of her former boss, Allan Kushen. Allan, retired SVP of public affairs, lives in New Vernon, NJ, where he occasionally bumps into fellow resident and retired CEO Bob Luciano, who delivered most of the speeches Paula wrote. . .Burt and Mary Hunter were in Pamplona in July so he could realize a long-held dream of participating in the high-risk, high-adrenalin “running of the bulls.” Burt, again semi-retired from Schering-Plough, survived to write an essay about what he learned. First, “run
Burt Hunter's ride, a classic British Morgan
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sober.” Second, “run absolutely sober.” On the day he ran, four people were gored and 60 others injured.  His essay is posted at http://update3030.home.att.net/nobull.html . . .
Andrea (Sundquist) Jeannet wrote from Phoenix in July that she plans to spend one more year at home with daughters Gabrielle, 8, and Alexandra, 4, then go back to work. “We took the kids to Disney World in February, where we met my sister, her husband and my brother. In June we visited my parents and my grandmother in Townsend, Tenn. My parents have been building a mountain house and just put in a waterfall fishpond. We plan to visit Glacier National Park in Montana in August with the whole family. I don’t keep up with my old crew but know that Don and Tina DeMott had their third child in December (another boy) and that the Doolins are still in Memphis. I hear that Meryl Weinreb went to Texas to work for an eye care company. I still miss everyone at SP. It was the best place I ever worked.” . . Lee Jenkins continues to enjoy frequent rounds of golf at West Palm Beach, Fl. He writes, “My golf handicap seems to be increasing with my age. My goal is to live long enough to shoot my age. That would likely put me with the Today Show’s Smuckers Birthday Group.” He and wife Sylvia traveled to Washington, DC, to see their new granddaughter  born to son Griff and his wife. They spent much of the summer in North Carolina, escaping the Florida heat. One of the hurricanes knocked down some small trees on their Florida property but otherwise caused no damage. Lee continues to enjoy reading and counts Alabama author W. E. B. Griffin as one of his favorites, especially his series of novels about the U.S. Marine Corps. . .Kathy Jones and her husband weathered another hurricane when Wilma came calling on Palm Bay, FL with winds over 100 mph. She wrote from her 8th floor condo that “Wayne and I couldn’t hear one another talk – it was that loud. Since all the windows were covered with shutters, we couldn’t look out. We did venture out the front door to look out across the highway. We had to hold one another and couldn’t see a thing. It was a total whiteout – surreal.” The adjacent river dumped muddy water into the pool and high winds knocked down many palm trees, sections of fence and roof tiles. But the only interior damage was a small leak through a light fixture. The couple flew to Tahiti (via L.A.) last summer and enjoyed a
Kathy Jones' ride, M/S Gauguin near Tahiti
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cruise aboard the M/S Gauguin in the azure waters around the French Polynesia Islands. They took a “mini cruise” with three other couples to the Bahamas on a Carnival ship based at Port Canaveral in late December. . .
Mary Gordon Kerr writes from her home in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., that she has taken up surfing the past few years. She and her family were in Memphis to attend their Aunt Pat Kerr Tigrett’s posh fashion show, where daughter Molly, 3, modeled. . .Dottie Kiester is working in West Tennessee not far from Memphis as a project director for Omnicare Clinical Research. . . Dick Kinney is semi-retired and living in Spring Lake on the New Jersey coast, also known as the Irish Riviera. The former Staff Vice President and chief public affairs executive for Schering-Plough has agreed to join another former S-P Staff Vice President, old friend Linn Weiss, and consult for Linn’s new firm as a Senior Associate (see Linn Weiss entry below for information about the firm). Dick continues active in civic and charitable organizations, serving on the board of trustees of Kean University in Union, NJ; the board of advisors of the Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston, SC; the national board of advisors of the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.; and the board of directors of Kids Corporation in Newark. . .Jack Krimmel and his wife are enjoying life in Gallatin, TN, northeast of Nashville. Their home is on Old Hickory Lake and is close to their children and grandchildren. Jack continues to commute to Southern California, where he is chief operating officer of Pacific World Corp. . .Allan Kushen was re-elected to the board of directors of the Morris County Arts Council in New Jersey after a 12-year absence. He also serves on the board of Farleigh Dickinson University near the old S-P headquarters in Madison, where he helped steer some metal restoration work to the National Ornamental Metal Museum in Memphis. He has long been a very good friend of the Museum. When he served as president of the Schering-Plough Foundation, his support resulted in several significant grants, sponsorships of art shows and acquisitions. . . Bill Manley writes that “after 12 years I am happy to still call Sarasota home – as long as I am
Mary Gordon Kerr with family
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traveling during the August-October hurricane season.” Among his guests visiting his new condo was
Richard Briscoe. Richard traveled to Florida in December to attend a wedding and also saw Jay Ludwig, an international finance exec at S-P. . .Robert Maxwell rode his powerful, very bad motorcycle from his home in Princeton, NJ, through much of New England while on vacation. He also spent time in Chicago managing a mobile cardiopulmonary testing service that screens employee groups. . .Shirley Boyden Maxwell of S-P Corporate Communications was named Volunteer of the Year by the NJ Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. In addition, Shirley was presented a “Women of Excellence” Award from the Union County Commission. She was cited for her volunteer work as president of the Kenilworth Historical Society and worked to preserve the Nitschke House and transform it into a museum and arts center. . .Ed McManic reported that his privately held company, Barricks Manufacturing in Gadsden, Ala., had a 35 percent increase in sales during 2005. The record year came on the heels of Ed’s launch of a new line of case goods furniture made for nursing homes and other long term care facilities by his plant’s 80-plus employees. Ed’s wife, their son, one daughter and another daughter’s husband work in the business. Ed and Irene enjoy lakeside living in nearby Trussville, AL, and vacations in Florida. . . Ray Modjeski, who lives with his wife in Venice, FL, writes that 2005 was “highlighted with trips to Ireland and Portugal and an alumni gathering at the GMDC Trade Association in Orlando, where I had the opportunity to share old times and updates with Dave Wells and several other industry friends and associates. Periodic, family visits in New Jersey keep us in touch with our children and grandchildren (5 boys and 1 girl). We dodged a few more hurricanes this year, so we feel we are very fortunate compared to so many others in the Southeast.” . . Gerry Nobrega writes from Williamsburg, VA that “I had my first hole-in-one. Joe Moran (who has been getting together to play golf with Gerry and others at fabulous courses throughout the U.S. for many years) witnessed it. We were playing at Parris Island, the USMC training facility in South Carolina. It is a wonderful golf course. It was on the 10th hole, which was playing 185 yards into the wind that day. I hit a 5 wood. But because the flag was behind a mound, we didn’t see the ball go in the hole. I’ve never seen Moran speechless before. It was great fun.” . . Bob Raub celebrated his 65th birthday in November. All his and Charlene’s three children came to the Raub’s home in Parrish, FL to be with the birthday boy and dine on caviar and smoked salmon. Bob continues to teach tennis clinics at Stetson University and traveled to Minnesota, Baltimore and Pennsylvania to visit family. In January 2006, the Raubs traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate their 38th anniversary with some longtime friends. . .Claudia Robinson writes from Manhattan that “2005 was a big year for Rick and me. We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. I caught my first, 16-inch trout (a rainbow) in the Madison River that flows through Yellowstone National Park and Rick landed a 150-pound (8 and
Claudia Robinson's husband Rick by marlin
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one half feet long), striped marlin when we spent
an early holiday vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Baha California, Mexico.” . .Jim Roudebush is semi-retired and living in Carmel, IN. Neighbor Kirby Farrington reports that Jim was originally from the area and came back home to help with a family business and put up with “the snow, cold and high taxes with the rest of us.”. .Charlie Saunders is dug into the idyllic, East Tennessee mountains at Cleveland and enjoying hiking, backpacking and spending time with his 5 grandchildren. His consulting company, Saunders & Associates, “continues to have more business than it can handle and this year picked up a lot of work at Tennessee Temple University at Chattanooga.” . . Melissa Twomey writes from Tampa that “retirement did not suit me too well and an opportunity came along that met all my needs – challenge my brain a bit and do something for others! I am working as the Heart Gallery Coordinator for the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County. The Heart Gallery is a photographic exhibit of children available for adoption. Those pictured are usually older and harder to place. Professional photographers volunteer and the photos are very compelling.” The Twomey family – including two teenage boys – traveled to Ireland and Scotland to celebrate her husband’s birthday and want very much to return. . .The New York Times gave a big spread to the wedding of a son of Alfred Vanderbilt of Connecticut, who was outside agency PR counsel in Manhattan for Coppertone and other Plough brands for many years. . .Linn Weiss departed the AMA in Chicago, where he was a senior vice president, and formed Weiss Communications LLC, a firm offering a full range of strategic communications consulting services that include corporate and marketing communications, public policy, public affairs advocacy and investor relations. He had extensive experience in all those fields (and others) while serving S-P as Vice President of Corporate Communications. Among those working with Linn as he puts together a national network of battle-tested, top-level talent is Dick Kinney of Spring Lake, NJ, former president of the Schering-Plough Foundation and Vice President in charge of S-P’s government and community relations. The firm’s website is at www.weisscommunications.net and Linn says he would “jump at the chance to rush out two ‘get acquainted’ brochures to any 3030 Update reader who asks.” His phone number is 847-975-6276. See the Alumni Directory for other contact info. . .Former Community Affairs Senior Secretary Karen Whitaker purchased a new, black Corvette coupe in August and writes that she “loves my little rocket launcher.” She has her own headhunting business in San Jose, Calif., specializing in searches for legal talent. Karen, who has a new address in San Jose, stays in touch with several former co-workers at Plough and is toying with the idea of a trip to Memphis to see pals from the 1980s. . .Cathy (Wills) Bolt writes from her home in Columbia, SC, that she and her husband, Dennis, “have finally finished the renovation of his house (a home about 78 years old that needed a lot of work) and have moved in. It took 16 months. We are in the process of selling my house. I am not working, which is just fine with me. My stepdaughter has moved to China for a year to teach English so we will visit her in January.”

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