Sightings of Gamma Nu Alums

There have been quite a few reported sightings and other contacts in recent years with a number of Alpha Sigs who have not been in touch with the organizers of the 2005 Sig Bust Reunion. Any Gamma Nu alumni with up-to-date information about the brothers in the chart below are asked to contact Gary Bramon or Michael Levison, who are preparing an Alumni Directory and mailing list. The listings in text below are typically based on informal, word-of-mouth reports that reached the identified brother and have not necessarily been confirmed. If you have any "sightings" or other fragmentary information about the whereabouts of "lost brothers," please send it to Buzz Nolan for future listing in this section of Siggy Raider. (Page updated Jan. 21, 2005)

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Jon Dare - "Dan Barber has tracked down Jon Dare, who is supervisor of Greyhound drivers in Sacramento. He has called and left messages at the terminal. No contact info yet." - Toni Bramon, Jan. 19, 2005.

David George - "Dave George lives here in Grass Valley, Calif. I see his wife every day at the college office. I will ask her for permission to forward his address." - Dick Hotchkiss, Nov. 17, 2004.

Gil Dalpino - "I was going through the list of "lost" brothers on the web site and several struck my interest. Gil Dalpino was my big brother during pledging and I have not heard or seen from him in 40 years. He was a bit older when he came back to college and would be in his late sixties now. He came from a small town about 40 miles north of Sacramento and his parents owned a restaurant just off of Highway 80 called "Dalpinos". I did a web search and found a Dalpino's pool company in the same small area. I've emailed them to see if they know of Gil. Will let you know if they return any information." Gary Anderson, Nov. 5, 2004

George Darrow -"George was living and coaching at a high school in Pittsburg/Antioch CA 25 years ago. He married his college sweatheart, Delma (one of the brothers broke George's jaw at his bachelor party the night before the wedding and George had to spend his first week of married bliss with his mouth wired shut). Delma and George had some troubles and Delma became a bit unhinged. . . I sent a letter through her attorney to the prison at which she was sent, but never heard back. I think Jack Jenkins was actively involved with teachers at the state level and he might find George among the retirees in California." Gary Anderson, Nov. 5, 2004

Bob Tellefson - "Bob was an insurance agent with Prudential (he sold me my first policy) and then moved down to the LA area to work with Prudential on a corporate level about 30 years ago. In doing a Google search I found a reference of a donation given to Audio Vision in 1995 by a Bob Tellefson who had just retired from Prudential. There was another reference to him associated with Audio Vision (apparently does translation work of books for the blind). Neither site had an address or locality reference to where Audio Vision is, but there is a mention of the Yucaipa Rotary Club participating in the same fund raising. If someone can track down the Yucaipa Rotary Club, they might be able to locate Tellefson. The rotary club number in Yucaipa is 800-797-0437." Gary Anderson, Nov. 5, 2004

Gordon "Lucky" Walsh - "I bumped into Lucky in Oklahoma a few years ago. He was spending the winter there. He told me that during the warm months he travels around the country with a tent circus he owns." - Dewey Howell, Nov. 1, 2004

Lost Brothers of Gamma Nu

The following chart updates the progress made by Gary and Toni Bramon and others in locating missing brothers of Gamma Nu Chapter, Alpha Sigma Phi at Sacramento State College so they can be invited to the Sig Bust reunion planned for April 1-2, 2005. The list was revised Jan. 10, 2005. Please call Gary at 415-897-6689 or email him at with contact  information for these MIAs.









Gordon Walsh

Louis Aldana

Greg Beals

Gilbert Dalpino, Jr.  


George Darrow



Andy Gacanich

Gordon Hannah

Robert McAndrew

Dan Smith-Citrus Heights?

Gerald Maloney




James Mitchell

Brian George

Ed Pacheco

Michael Lane (We have Mike and Connie Lane, Nevada City)



Gerald Reinhart



David George

Dave Genens        

Brian Lewis

Wilbur Goetsch     

Ron Mullis

Martin Petersen    

Steve Rypznski


Joseph Thomas

Kenneth Shorey

Charles Weber

Ernest Tsukuda


Donald Young



Jon Dare

John Galltin

Eugene Eichele


Curtis Fuller



Richard Jones


Art Seipel



Others-Years not Known

Others-Years not Known

Jerry Burford

John H. Cuneo

Larry Ashword

Leonard Lindauer

Bob Mar

Noel McClean

Nathan F. Niebauer

Robert Parks

Jack Sanchez

Phil Stoker

Les Pollak

Shelton Jensen

Bob Baysinger

Larry Lynch

Bob Gemar

Lou Allen

Ron Matsen

Dave Schellhous

Mike McGagin



January 21, 2005                                          ALPHA SIGS UNABLE TO LOCATE

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