Sutter Lawn Tennis Club Manager Bob Reid demonstrates his powerful serve at the club in 1972. Bob formed a management group, Reid & Associates, and hired several tennis and swimming professionals to provide services to Sutter Lawn in 1971-72. He said more than 30 years later that, "It was not a great time in my life but at the time it seemed fun. I learned a bit about working with a board of directors and managing a staff." During that period the swim team won the league championship for the first time. Bob, who grew up a few doors from the club and spent much of his childhood there, had played tennis in numerous Sutter Lawn tournaments and also at the University of Oregon. After graduation, he served in some political campaigns and was appointed special assistant to the Director of the Peace Corps in Washington. His stewardship as manager of Sutter Lawn followed that of J. B. Cantrell, who had hired Bob and Buzz Nolan when they were teens. J. B. left Sutter Lawn to become owner-manager of the Carriage Raquet Club in Roseville, Calif.

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